Working as a Millennial in New York: Career Paths to Choose

Millenial working in new york
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Being a millennial, it might have crossed your visionary mind to go to New York. The cosmopolitan city is vibrant, and it suits the hustle and lofty plans of young people who visit it. You know that the city is more than just a concrete jungle, but a place teeming with opportunities. There are various industries to explore, and there are event non-conventional way yet creative way of making money. These opportunities may be even in line with your career goals and other plans you have for your life. So if you think that New York is for you, do not hesitate to be part of it. It is a friend to those who hustle.

So start spreading the news that you will start something great in the Big Apple. The city has a lot of people and establishments that are willing to help those who want to make it big. All you have to do is pick a career path that suits your strengths, future plans, and some short-term goals. If you are planning to game it, here are some career paths you may want to keep in mind:

The Sciences

If you have a degree in the sciences, such as biology and medicine, you will find a lot of opportunities in hospitals and clinics. Some of the highest paying jobs in the city include anesthesiologists, surgeons, orthodontists, and gynecologists. Make that medical degree work!

The Finance Industry

The Wall Street is in the city, so it only makes sense that there will always be available jobs in the bank, insurance agencies, investment companies, and even actuary sciences companies. This is the track you may want to cover if you have a degree in finance, accounting, and business management.

The Arts

On the opposite side of the spectrum lies humanities. Humanities and liberal arts are big in New York, so you should consider it if you are really into arts. Are you a painter looking to have your works exhibited? There are many galleries in the city that can support you. New York also has a lot of independent film production companies to work for. You may even continue your artistic endeavors in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. You can be a writer, a curator, or a literary critic provided that you have the degree and certain credentials.

The Legal Industry

It seems that the twin industry of the finance sector is the legal sector. These two are always inseparable. If you have a legal degree or have already passed the bar, you can become a junior associate at a law firm. But if you want to become a paralegal, there are many paralegal schools in New York to choose from; some of them even conduct classes online, making it easy for the students.

The Freelance Community

Working as a freelancer

Sometimes, what you want to do is not in popular industries. But that does not mean that there is nothing for you here. If you are very strategic and resourceful, you can sell some of your skills in the freelance community. You can become a freelance writer, an advertising consultant, and even a freelance chef!

Being part of New York is one ride you will never forget. It is a city that befriends millennials who have big dreams for the future. The city has a lot of opportunities and helpful people who will become part of your journey. So start spreading the news about your plan to be part of the city!

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