Why Changi Airport is the Best in the World

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The airport is never anyone’s favorite place to be. Many are frequently crowded, uncomfortable, and offer very little in terms of enjoyability. Oftentimes, we only go to the airport if we have to, and rarely linger there any longer than we should.

However, there is one very notable exception. Singapore’s Changi Airport is a city unto itself, with modern cosmopolitan amenities that many urban areas could only dream of having. Not only this, every aspect of the airport is designed to make visitors and travelers enjoy their journeys and their time at the airport, rather than having the airport feel like a necessary pit stop. With many things to do in Changi Airport, it has been consistently hailed as the world’s best for several years running.

Here is what makes Changi Airport head and shoulders above the rest:

Flashy, world-class amenities

Changi Airport is famous throughout the world for its world-class amenities that one could never imagine to be located in an airport. These include a number of indoor gardens, a rooftop swimming pool and jacuzzi, spa services, and free all-day movie theatres. It is rare that you find such breathtaking, people-friendly in city centers, what more an airport.

Aside from these, Changi Airport also boasts a wide range of food and shopping establishments for travelers to choose from. You could go on a food trip or shopping spree just in Changi Airport alone, which is what many locals actually end up doing, heading to the airport even without a flight to catch. With all of these amenities in the palm of your hand, you will not find it difficult at all to enjoy the time you spend at Changi Airport.

Seamless and hassle-free travel

Beyond providing world-class facilities that enable passengers to enjoy their time spent on a layover or waiting for their flight, Changi Airport is also top-notch at its primary purpose — being a transit hub for flights. If you have a connecting flight in a different terminal, the Skytrain that connects Terminals 1, 2, and 3 is a quick and easy option, while 24-hour shuttle buses are available to and from Terminal 4, ensuring that you do not miss your next flight.

Changi Airport is also incredibly efficient at taking you through airport procedures. Terminal 4, in particular, is leading the way into the future, with self check-in counters, automated baggage drops, and border-control kiosks streamlining your travel process. Even security checks, which normally involve the hassle of removing most of your items from your person and your bag, are made easy with new high-tech scanners.

Premiums on customer comfort and satisfaction

Businessman with his luggage near an escalator at an airport

What makes Changi Airport such a good place to be in is that it is precisely designed to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Everything from the design to the complementary services has been well thought through in order to maximize traveler satisfaction. A large part of this involves proper maintenance to make sure the place is always clean, even going so far as to make toilets spotless.

There is also the attention to the needs of travelers, as evidenced by the presence of water fountains and refilling stations that provide both hot and cold water. Even common areas like boarding gates can have small luxuries such as ergonomic and foot massage chairs designed for comfort. Of course, there is also complimentary Wi-Fi access and an abundance of electrical sockets for device charging.

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