The Papers You Need During a Divorce

Couple filing for a divorce
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The divorce process can be costly, messy, and stressful for both parties. After a marriage has proven no longer to work, one wonders what to do next. Divorce papers are the documents used to petition to serve your spouse. They have information about your marriage and the distribution of property. One can get those papers online, thanks to the Internet. Most states also have non-government resources that offer divorce papers. You can also obtain your documents in person from the county clerk’s office.

Among the first things divorce attorneys Albuquerque will tell you once you get divorce papers is to make copies of them. Some people choose to copy the documents physically while others upload them online. The idea is to have all the information you need to re-file should the need arise.

Note that the paperwork for divorce varies per state. The following are the papers that are commonly needed:

Marriage dissolution form

Different countries impose different requirements for this form. One spouse must, however, file a dissolution petition with their local court. An appeal is a formal request for the divorce. It begins the divorce process, legally. Note that this petition should reach your partner. It will include information, such as the reason you want a divorce, your contact information, and how you want your marriage to end. For instance, the petition must state if you want child support or alimony.

Settlement agreement

After agreeing to the divorce and you are comfortable with the terms, an attorney will draw the settlement agreement. If, for example, the divorce is uncontested, this agreement is drawn after the filed petition. If the divorce is contested, this agreement must wait until the negotiations are over or after the trial, if necessary. The document sets the terms for the settlements after divorce, such as property division and agreements regarding child custody.

Financial documents

During a divorce, both spouses must provide reports regarding their financial situation. The papers are necessary, especially if a divorce is contested. The judge uses them to form a settlement judgment. These disclosure forms include things such as copies of the spouses’ tax returns for a specified period, financial affidavits, and sometimes, invoices. The court may also request for property and bank accounts.

Parenting plans

Couple discussing plan for child

If the couple that desires a divorce has children, courts demand them to set out child custody details and arrangements for support. Every state will have specific requirements for parenting plans. In some states, the plan must state how parents intend to make decisions that affect the child and how they handle visitation, upbringing, and custody. In other states, the parents sign a contract that promises to behave in a certain way toward the children.

Divorce papers state the grounds for divorce. After you get them, your responsibility is to answer the petition within 30 days of being served with the documents. Note that responding late could mean your spouse gets everything he or she wants. Typically, you should respond through your attorney. The response must be made to each statement in the petition, not just a general denial of the claims or accusations.

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