Things to Remember Before Going on an International Trip

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International travel bans and restrictions are slowly being lifted, opening up opportunities to fly to foreign countries. Whether it’s for conducting business, visiting friends and loved ones, or simply seeing more of the world, it’s essential to be prepared before your departure and arrival. Here are a few things you will need before travelling to a new country.

Passport and Visa

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that you need to properly document your travel in both countries. Plan in advance and factor in enough time for you to acquire your passport and visa. Keep in mind that this entire process could take multiple weeks or months, depending on their specific requirements.

Certain countries also have conditions attached, such as that your passport must expire six months after your intended travel dates. Going on an international vacation may require extra passport pages and forms. This could mean each country may use one or two blank pages.

Visas are also on a case-to-case basis. Some countries may have complicated application processes that require you to go to the consulate. Meanwhile, other countries may not require one at all.

Country Currency

Make sure you have the country’s local currency in cash. Avoid doing this last minute at the airport, however, as they typically have higher transaction fees. Go to a bank instead.

While at your bank, make sure to let them know about your travel overseas. This gives them a heads up that you have authorized any foreign transactions that may be charged to your account. Call your credit card provider as well to prevent them from labelling it as suspicious activity. Remember to ask whether they charge additional fees for international payments.

Extra Funds

Always set a budget for every trip you make. Take into account every possible expense you may incur during the duration of your stay. This includes anything from restaurant reservations to any activities you want to join. Still, regardless of your final amount, always bring more than necessary. With additional funds on hand, you can account for unexpected costs and spontaneous travel plans.


To get the most out of the experience, it’s essential that you learn the language in its most basic form. This means exposing yourself to the vocabulary and phrases used by locals. A few essentials include greetings, please, and thank you. Prioritize practising the proper pronunciations of the names of relevant landmarks and specific terms for emergencies as well. Have a language translator or dictionary installed on your phone for backup.

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Seasonal Events

Find out whether any major holidays or festivals line up with your trip. This gives you an idea of the general atmosphere of the country when you arrive. For instance, many stores and tourist spots you want to see may be closed during winter. On the flip side, fun festivities may draw in more crowds, making it more difficult to find a place to stay in. Ensure that you can book affordable accommodation for travelling students and visitors and plan the logistics of your stay.

Travel Insurance

While embarking on a brand new adventure is fun and exciting, it’s always best to be prepared. Buy travel insurance before going abroad. Knowing you have coverage for cancellations, medical and non-medical emergencies such as evacuations or strife, and 24-hour assistance will give you peace of mind and confidence while you travel.

Local SIM Cards

Often, public Wi-Fi is easily accessible in most establishments. However, having your own roaming data keeps you on the go and headed to your next destination. It eliminates the need to stop and look for another Wi-Fi network to double-check your path. It also helps you book reservations and call emergency services anywhere, anytime.


Pack your essentials and leave as much as possible at home. Keep a clear image of your trip in mind and avoid packing for “what if” scenarios. Having lighter bags makes them more manageable and convenient to handle. You can even bring them as a carry-on to save the time you would have spent waiting for checked-in bags.

Enjoy and Stay Safe

By following these tips, you can be fully prepared and open to brand new experiences while you’re in a new country. You will even be more laid-back and stress-free, giving you a more positive outlook on the trip. Talk to the locals. Learn about their culture. Make memories you will never forget. At the end of the day, the most worthwhile and fulfilling trips are those that leave a lasting impact on you and the people you encounter.

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