Going Solo: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Do Alone

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It’s customary today to invite family or friends if you want to try a new restaurant or see a show. You go through all the trouble of coordinating your schedules and organising the logistics. There’ll be disagreements along the way, but you’ll endure it because going alone is never an option.

It’s part of your conditioning growing up. The school cafeteria alone breaks down the psychology behind it. Students often perceive those who spend their lunch alone as lonely, friendless and lacking in social standing.

It’s a prevalent misconception in society, and it robs you of the many benefits of doing things alone. If you want to break free from this stigma, here are three choices that’ll help you ease into a solo lifestyle.

Eating Out

Dining out is associated with socialising, especially in Asian countries like Singapore. That’s why people who occupy a table by themselves stand out in restaurants full of families and couples.

Dining out alone may make you and some of the people around you feel uncomfortable. But instead of leaving, brave it out and relish your favourite Korean fried chicken at a crowded restaurant in Singapore.

Eating alone, after all, is a great experience. You can choose food without thinking about other people’s diet restrictions. It’s an opportunity to appreciate food as you’ve never done before. Once the anxiety of being alone ebbs, you’ll feel empowered. You feel strong for making decisions by yourself and disregarding the opinion of strangers.

Volunteering Abroad

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Signing up for volunteer work in a new place makes you self-reliant. You’ll have to decide many things by yourself that otherwise falls on your parents or your friends. That includes arranging your travel plans, coordinating with the organisation and making the necessary preparation for the work ahead.

Going alone also gives you no option but to make new acquaintances. Tagging a friend along is like carrying a safety net. You can dismiss every silence and uncertain moment by confiding in that person.

Alone, you’re forced to hone your social skills and come out of your shell. It’s a refreshing experience to make friends without your buddies joking about what you’re like at home.

Attending a Live Show

Not all your friends like the same shows and bands you do. If you’ve never attended a live show because they won’t go with you, take it as a sign to go solo.

Concerts and music festivals are often packed and lively. There’s no way to determine who’s with who when a crowd of a thousand is dancing all at once.

It might even prove to be a better experience because you have no idea who’ll see the silly dance moves you pull off. Do you want to sing at the top of your lungs? The people who’ll hear you don’t know you’re a respected office manager. It’s your moment to let loose. Chances are, no one will notice you at all because they’re busy doing the same thing.

Everything you do alone might be scary in the beginning. When you overcome this fear, though, you will learn to appreciate the time you spend alone. It’s an empowering choice that proves going solo can be a sign of strength, after all.

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